6 of the Best Smart Home Devices

Everybody today wants his life made easy when performing daily chores. For example, you may love your coffee maker that makes the cup of coffee ready upon waking up. You like your thermostat being adjusted automatically according to the requirement you have.

Doorbells are liked much that you can answer from afar. All these things make your life better than if you were empty-handed from today’s technology advantages. It’s required to use them properly to ensure the maximum benefits rather than being misused or used without following the manual and directions.

Smart Home
Smart Home


Have you ever thought about controlling the home via phone? This is an amazing concept we get behind especially while we feel the possibility of returning to a place that is cold in the dead winter. Through Nest, the schedule can be adapted as well as keeping track of used energy is possible. Besides, Nest provides you smart smoke detector along with smart security camera. Enjoy these features through the completely smart way.

Haiku Ceiling Fan

This rapidly running ceiling fan is more than just a fan. Whenever you enter your room you will see that the fan is getting turned on and will be turned off when exiting. Besides, if you want to track the humidity and temperature of the room, this fan can help you either. In response to environmental conditions, it modulates the speed automatically. Enjoy its alarm clock function in addition to the features written above.

Smarter Coffee

What if you get a fresh coffee cup with just hitting a snooze button? Sound good? Yes, now you can prepare your coffee tailored exactly to the preference you have for doing nothing except hitting a particular button.

That’s why according to the coffee addicted people, this product is one of the best smart home items around. No matter where ever you are in your apartment or home, you can control this WiFi enabled coffee maker. Upon running low the water tank, it sends you reminders as well as you can have the coffee strength adjusted.



You are free to name it whatever you want including a portable speaker and a bulb. It’s a super cool item and can be streamed from any app as well as with high-quality sounds. During the day, it modulates the light. At the start, it gets bluer and brighter in the morning but soon it transits to a hot golden glow when night comes closer.

August Smart Locks

You may be familiar with various smart home devices that are nifty and internet-enabled gadgets that fit in your home but August Smart Clocks pose something different in terms of features and other aspects. It lets your visitors even when you’re out of your home, answering the doorbell.

June Intelligent Oven

I know you lack the ability of cooking well and can’t trust on your cooking skills. Be happy because this oven-looking item can help you much when tasty and amazing foods are needed to be prepared within seconds.


Ecobee3 smart WiFi thermostat Review

Ecobee3 smart WiFi thermostat Review

Ecobee3 smart WiFi thermostat Review

My living room isn’t colder than my bedroom; even they are a few steps away from each other. Through this particular item, you can monitor more than one room’s temperature in your home. The pros it comes with include being intuitive, and working with IFTTT and HomeKit.

Although, the installation process may be some tricky and complicated, yet you can manage the process after being familiar with the manual. It’s able to warm your room to 65 degrees and shuts off the heat to the extent that you may shiver under your covers.

All the problems are solved cleverly through this amazing product. A remote wireless sensor which communicates back to the base unit and measures the temperature tells us when it’s cold and hot enough. There are many other useful features such as smart home integration and you can declare it your favorite thermostat.

According to the reviews written by August 20, the thermostat was working with Apple HomeKit. Once it was tested with the Amazon Echo, the review than updated on Feb 16, 2016, to tell this new feature.


Ecobee3 smart WiFi thermostat Review2

If you look at Nest Learning Thermostat, it has been designed classically minimalist. But Ecobee3 contains more modern look and more attractive than its competitors. It’s squared with beautiful rounded corners and its face of the 3.9 X 3.9-inch is black and glossy plastic. In the middle, you will find a 3.5-inch QVGA touch screen either. A concealed motion sensor is found in a small wedge-shaped section.

Similar to the base unit, the corners are round in Ecobee3 remote sensor, however, it measures a much smaller 1.7 X 1.7 X 0.8 inches with white color completely. Because of having a small motion sensor, you would be detected when entering in your room.


The power is drawn from C-wire called HVAC system’s wire. That’s the difference between Ecobee3 and Nest and Honeywell Lyric because both come with built-in batteries. According to the manufacturers, Ecobbe3 is more reliable in this way than all other competitors. Other devices draw the power using many wires that are used for controlling the air conditioner and heat but they fail to provide established and steady current.

Ecobee3 comes with another benefit too. For those not having a C-wire connecting the furnace and thermostat Ecobee3 holds a power extender kit to enable you to make the connection between your furnace and thermostat. According to a technician I hired to set up all this procedure, this kit can be used in residential furnaces and it’s pretty helpful for homeowners in this regard.

In case you are away from hiring a technician and are unable to install the kit yourself, the company facilitates you giving a link and contact info on his website. Just visit the site to find the contact of a professional and ask for a quote to get the job done.

After completing the installation process, you have to tell the product how much heat and cold is needed. Setup the passwords carefully and enjoy.




7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat Reviews

Get ready to enjoy new Lux TX9600TS. It’s a touch screen thermostat which ensures users to enjoy easily. You can accurately control the temperature as a homeowner. Nothing is required to check the temperature except your touch of the figure.

The features include easy installation, a user-friendly interface, simple operation, and easy programming. It makes users fully satisfied because of vast operations, a lighted and large display and easy to read information. As mentioned, no extra skills are required to understand the programming. The price is reasonable so any user with a tight budget can have it.

7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat
7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat

Some helpful features

It’s compatible with all system types so can be adjusted easily anywhere. Since a monitor is installed so you can check the usage of energy anytime. An air filter is programmed to filter life timer. The recovery is smart and temperature can be checked through a programmed time.

Unauthorized people have no way to operate the system because it comes with a lockout touch screen protection. So, it gives you a peace of mind in terms of security too. Online criminals would attempt to hack the system, so you should be careful having a strong protection code to ensure the safety.

7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable ThermostatIf you are going outside for a long time, for two weeks, for example, you can use a vacation setting. So a constant low temperature would be set for two weeks. There is a feature called Temperature Hold which is used to maintain a fixed set temperature.

By holding it initially, the product will maintain the set temperature for an indefinite period. It’s up to you for how much time you are willing to use these feature, for days, weeks, or even for several months.

But remember, you can’t set temperature for enough longer time if it has not adequate power. When hold mode is needed to use just press the Hold button. You will see some words appearing on the display similar to Heat Hold or Cold Hold. The hold mode will remain unchanged until you manually modify it manually.

If you’re unclear regarding how to set the hold mode, just use search online option and you will find complete manual by giving a model number when searching. This feature is called Temperature Setback also.

Why it’s recommended?

The features mentioned above don’t mean it has nothing in negative. Although, it comes with some reservations, yet it’s recommended for some other reasons such as easy installation, running well and easy programming.

Just one reservation I would like to share that it comes with no backlight so you can’t read the figures easily. However, if this thins is ignored, you can have it because of good size, light weight, and other helpful pros.