If you own HVAC system, there will be a command center called thermostat. Your entire home’s cooling and heating may be affected in case it stops working properly. Here, you may need troubleshooting the Trane Digital thermostat so I decided to share some things to consider fixing the issue.

How to troubleshoot a thermostat
How to troubleshoot a thermostat ?

General digital thermostat troubleshooting issues

Make sure to check your thermostat in the case of experiencing trouble with the HVAC system. By doing so, you may find the issue along with solution if you have some touch with programming and technical aspects. Homeowners often face some common troubleshooting issues I wanted to list a few of them.

HVAC units won’t turn on

Thermostat setting must be checked if you notice that air conditioner, air handler, furnace, or any other unit isn’t getting turned on. Depending on the weather, make sure the thermostat is programmed to cool or heat the home and is turned on.

Sometimes, you may need to reset the system, so, turn the thermostat off and then on. Hopefully, the issue will be solved otherwise, consult the Trane Comfort Specialist in case the issue is complicated or needs advanced skills. Don’t try to fix the problem on your own or else horrible damages may occur.

Too cold or too hot in your home

Make sure to program the device according to what you need and prefer if you notice the temperature is kept at an uncomfortable level by your thermostat. Sometimes, the temperature is programmed differently during different times and days.

Too cold or too hot in your home

In this case, the owner should read the manual and learn how to program thermostat according to a comfortable level for each day of weeks. If it works better because you succeeded with the programming the temperature its’ fine otherwise contact a Trane Comfort Specialist and ask to fix the issue and program the temperature according to your preference.

Troubleshooting connected digital thermostats

There are many help lines to assist you regarding troubleshooting the issues so homeowners can easily control the temperature of their houses. Besides, the temperature can be controlled through the internet using your PC, smartphone, or tablet either but the condition is having an established internet connection.

In case the thermostat is still not working as per your need, try to reset the unit and then start following some steps provided in the manual shipped with the product. If you fail to fix the issue even by using the steps in the manual, there must be an issue with your internet connection in terms of low signals or disconnection or so on.


Fixing and troubleshooting the thermostat issues aren’t impossible especially if you learn some programming and read the manual carefully. Mostly, you won’t need to hire any technician in order to get the issue resolved as programming and other tasks are simple to pick and understand. To be comfortable throughout the year, never try touching tools you aren’t familiar with.



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