7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat Reviews

Get ready to enjoy new Lux TX9600TS. It’s a touch screen thermostat which ensures users to enjoy easily. You can accurately control the temperature as a homeowner. Nothing is required to check the temperature except your touch of the figure.

The features include easy installation, a user-friendly interface, simple operation, and easy programming. It makes users fully satisfied because of vast operations, a lighted and large display and easy to read information. As mentioned, no extra skills are required to understand the programming. The price is reasonable so any user with a tight budget can have it.

7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat
7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable Thermostat

Some helpful features

It’s compatible with all system types so can be adjusted easily anywhere. Since a monitor is installed so you can check the usage of energy anytime. An air filter is programmed to filter life timer. The recovery is smart and temperature can be checked through a programmed time.

Unauthorized people have no way to operate the system because it comes with a lockout touch screen protection. So, it gives you a peace of mind in terms of security too. Online criminals would attempt to hack the system, so you should be careful having a strong protection code to ensure the safety.

7-Day ToucScreen Universal Application Programmable ThermostatIf you are going outside for a long time, for two weeks, for example, you can use a vacation setting. So a constant low temperature would be set for two weeks. There is a feature called Temperature Hold which is used to maintain a fixed set temperature.

By holding it initially, the product will maintain the set temperature for an indefinite period. It’s up to you for how much time you are willing to use these feature, for days, weeks, or even for several months.

But remember, you can’t set temperature for enough longer time if it has not adequate power. When hold mode is needed to use just press the Hold button. You will see some words appearing on the display similar to Heat Hold or Cold Hold. The hold mode will remain unchanged until you manually modify it manually.

If you’re unclear regarding how to set the hold mode, just use search online option and you will find complete manual by giving a model number when searching. This feature is called Temperature Setback also.

Why it’s recommended?

The features mentioned above don’t mean it has nothing in negative. Although, it comes with some reservations, yet it’s recommended for some other reasons such as easy installation, running well and easy programming.

Just one reservation I would like to share that it comes with no backlight so you can’t read the figures easily. However, if this thins is ignored, you can have it because of good size, light weight, and other helpful pros.


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